9/11 – “Never Forget” the TRUTH

Today is 9/11 – 12 years later. Before you check out (if you do) this clip, know that I do respect and honor the lives that were lost on that fateful day years ago. I respect and honor the almost 3,000 people who were killed in the towers and the first-responders who gave their lives to help others. (Not to mention the approximate 1,200 others who because of exposure to harmful substances found in the dust of the collapse, have developed lung diseases and cancer since then) This was a tragedy and those heroes should always be honored and respected for their sacrifices. Also, it would be remiss to not thank those soldiers who have gone to war because of our government’s interventions in other countries due to America’s “War on Terror.”

I will never forget the innocent people and heroes lost. That said, when people say “Never forget” I think they need to know the real story, or at least consider the unheard facts. Many don’t even know there was a 3rd building that fell that day. Hours after the other two buildings collapsed, Building 7 fell in what could only be described as a demolition-style implosion. It free fell at the speed of gravity. It was NEVER hit by a plane. This damning BBC clip I included actually shows the BBC reporting that Building 7 ALREADY FELL almost 25 minutes BEFORE it actually did. The building is actually right behind her head in the window, still standing as she announces that it has collapsed. How did the BBC know this? Were they following some sort of script?

There are many more facts to consider which make the official story difficult to believe. And I have recommended that people find “Loose Change” – a free documentary online to get a comprehensive look into the inconsistencies of the “official story.” There was also a PBS special called “Engineers and Architects for 9/11 Truth” which is excellent and grounded in FACTS.

Once the truth of 9/11 became apparent to me, everything else became way easier to understand. It was my “gateway” conspiracy. It’s a hard and scary pill to swallow, but once you do, nothing is ever the same. Anyone who knows me, knows that I say what I feel and I don’t hold back. I told people that 9/11 was an inside job about a WEEK after it happened. They looked at me like I had 5 green heads. It took research to discover the facts which backed up my hunch. I didn’t jump on some conspiracy bandwagon yesterday. I cannot be shown the truth and go back to believing lies. I’ve lost friends for speaking about what I believe, but I refuse to ever let that influence me into believing things which I know ARE NOT TRUE. I am not girded by typical social norms like some people are. I am PROUD to be called a conspiracy theorist where others are scared to be vilified, and one day, sooner than later, I believe my tenacity will be vindicated and many others will know the truth that the media and others have hidden. I am not paranoid, wearing a tin hat, or delusional – I’m an intelligent educated person and so are many other skeptics like me. And there definitely are many other people like me, more of us all the time, an awakened movement asking for true justice for those innocent victims who lost their lives 12 years ago.

Thanks for those of you that know where I’m coming from and have always been supportive. God bless America.

Youtube clip of BBC reporting that Building 7 had fallen when it is clearly still standing:

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