Would you like to go down the rabbit hole?

            It is time.  It is time to further spread an important and significant message that has the potential to change all of humanity.  In fact, the spreading of the information that I will be sharing is of utmost important to the freedom and sovereignty of the people of the United States and all people of planet Earth.  I believe that the majority of the people are still unaware and unawakened to what I would consider the “underlying REAL news” of what is about to happen on our planet. What I plan on revealing did not originate from me, but will be passed along and patched together from the sources and information that other fearless and determined individuals and whistleblowers have collected.  I am simply trying to condense it, focus it, and present it to those who are just starting to awaken so that the information can further their understanding and alter their biased world views, so that they can see more clearly what is really happening in regards to world news and events. 

This information may create the following reactions in those who may just be learning it:

A. Disbelief (the scale of what has been kept from you, the lies, and the insidious manner in which it has been hidden, to the detriment of the majority of humankind, is mind-blowing and heartbreaking and oftentimes, difficult to accept),

B. Hope (the current path of the world, according to the news that we hear, the violence we see, the wars being waged, the climate problems, the environmental catastrophes, the economic hardships are all just an illusion that we are trapped in.  The majority of people believe there is no way out of the current system that we’re in, so they have thrown in the towel and simply accept what they cannot change and try to do what little they can to improve the world – give to charities of their choice, vote for the least corrupt or evil candidates in elections, help their fellow friends and family to push ahead and succeed as best we can in our broken system, but the truth is that no amount of simple good will could stop the corruption and tyranny associated with the current social/economic/spiritual system we are currently blinded by.  Simply “doing our best” is not enough – we must push for greater change and shift the foundations of these systems, because currently our systems are headed for collapse – economic collapse, environmental collapse, collapse of our freedoms and eventual enslavement or worse, extinction of the majority of humanity)

C. Joy/Excitement/Relief – (there is a way out of this.  A very real, a very tangible and growing movement for deep-seated change that has real boots-on-the-ground traction from great enlightened people who wish to liberate the human race from the shackles of the physical, economic, intellectual and spiritual systems we have come to accept)

            At first, you probably won’t be able to accept what I say without sources and proof.  Know that I am not “making any of this up” and that whenever possible I intend on providing links and further information to back up everything I claim – although the validity and exactness of the information I receive is as subjective as the sources releasing them, and often these sources and information need to be cross-referenced with what others are saying or actual facts which can be obtained with further research. At no time am I asking you to accept what I say blindly. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND HW.  There are many sources online where you can get more information. Read more – I have been reading this sort of information for almost a year before I was able to wrap my head around most of it and truly awaken to a new world-view, and just now do I feel that I am in a place of understanding to actually start passing this information forward. The information I am releasing has the potential to set our human race free – because of this there are many people/powers-that-be that would rather that people like me stay quiet, shut up, and stop spreading information that will awaken the populace. The powers-that-be have suppressed a great deal of this information.  I am not afraid of the “powers-that-be” – they are retreating, on the run, and overwhelmed by the growing movement of awakened individuals.  Because of the concerted effort of many truth-seekers, they are finding it harder and harder to keep the truth under wraps.  They have bigger fish to (try to) fry, and currently bloggers like myself are sprouting up at such a fast rate, that they cannot expect to be able to silence all of us.  If the majority of people started standing up and speaking the truth, there is little that they could do to stop us, to keep the people from awakening, and (I hope eventually) rebelling against their systems – regardless of the stranglehold that they may have over the media, police, FBI, CIA – in short, this movement has too much momentum and will not be stopped.  Love will guide us and embolden us, and fear will not keep us from speaking out.

            Speaking of the media – The majority of what I say will not be corroborated (yet) by the mainstream media (which I will refer to as MSM for short) as the MSM is owned by and run by these same “powers-that-be” and which have invested their energy and resources into suppressing the truth and pumping out their own biased versions of the “real” news occurring on our planet.  All the major news outlets are currently being manipulated in this fashion, and only very few are releasing important updates and news (some examples include Current TV, or RT for example).  The best place to find information on what I speak about is online – on websites and blogs run by whistleblowers and others who receive inside information and pass it along to the public. (I will provide links to some that I find most useful) This is what we would call the grassroots media, or the underground media.

Although some of what the MSM releases is true, much of it (and as you learn, you’ll begin to see just how much) is biased towards the story version that the powers that be want you to believe.  The MSM can be considered a “whitewashing” machine.  Their job is not actually to report the “real” news, but to take the story of what occurs in the world and get you to accept it, because, really, how many of us question what we are told?  Many of the stories, talking points, and opinions given on MSM are directly edited and approved by the heads of these media organizations (which are all controlled by the same “powers-that-be”) before they are even allowed to be released for broadcast. Most of us accept the fact that the MSM version is the “official” story and our criticism, and investigation into the real events tends to stop at what is told to us.  “These are the official news people – why would they lie to all of us? Isn’t their job to tell us the truth?” Quite the contrary my friends – their job is to get you to accept the bitter little pill of reality, and stop asking for alternative views or options. Many of these media-heads and investigators do not want to speak the “truth” even if they know it for fear of losing their great job/career with that organization.  They don’t want to be fired, so they do as they are told.  Those that step out or speak out are quickly silenced, slandered, and fired by the same corporations that employed them.


Now, if this all sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to see where this is going, good – it IS exciting news, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that you will probably be marveled and amazed at some of the ideas I hope to present, and they will create in you a new perspective and a sense of genuine hope.  REAL hope, not fake political promises we all know will never come true.  It’s time to start believing in a REAL HOPEFUL future for all of mankind. You may have to change or modify some entrenched beliefs you hold, and although it may be difficult to accept that what you’ve been led to believe has actually been manufactured and created by those who don’t wish for you to be free, and it may take time for you to be able to process and accept it, it is still vital for all of humankind to begin our true awakening. 


Another note before I move on and begin revealing details is this:  I don’t wish to promote either a left/right, Democratic/Republican perspective.  As you will soon see, the time for dualistic opinions and bickering is coming to an end. I am not trying to sway votes or convince you to one side or the other.  My goal is to help awaken you to other possibilities and get you to critically consider the true issues at hand and make your own decision on how to achieve the solutions.  I highly encourage dissent and contrasting/varying opinions/perspectives.  Please share your own thoughts!  Think for yourself.  It’s not illegal yet.


At this time the scene in the original Matrix movie, where Morpheus offers Neo the red or blue pill comes to mind –


Morpheus: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”Image

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