Change the World Idea #1: Free Energy Technology

I could tell you all kinds of dastardly deeds and evil plots undertaken by the “evil ones” – often called the cabal, the Illuminati, the powers-that-were, but many other people have done a tremendous job of exposing this information already, and I would simply be rehashing the “fear porn” (a recently popularized phrase) which does help us understand who perpetrated evil crimes against humanity, but does not help us with finding positive solutions.  Examples of such “fear porn” topics include: (1) how the financial systems have come under centralized and manipulated control, (2) about Agenda 21 or the eugenics agenda to reduce world population substantially, (3) the means in which they are already implementing agenda 21 (control of food sources, GMOs, chemtrails, HAARP, weather manipulation, needless wars, starving people through manipulation of natural resources), (4) suppression of innovative breakthrough (and even “alien”) technologies that would revolutionize energy creation, travel, space exploration, food production, and medicine.  The latter subject is what I would like to speak more of:  the suppressed technologies that would revolutionize the world as we know it, for in this is the greatest treasure of hope that I have found. Specifically, this article focuses on “free-energy.”

Many might argue that even if we could stop the evil cabal from continuing it’s manipulative agenda and complete domination of most aspects of human life, that it doesn’t matter anyway.  “It’s too late,” they might say, “our environment, and our world could never change quickly enough to make up for how much we’ve already destroyed it. The human race is doomed already.” To those who say this, I propose that they are not aware of just how much has been hidden from us that could completely change that situation around.  If technologies that have been suppressed were released today, there could be a rapid transformation of our planet to a new and more pristine condition much more quickly than we currently imagine possible.  To understand this, one would have to start realizing just what has been hidden from us, and an explanation of why it’s been hidden would be helpful as well.

Free-energy is possibly the single most revolutionary technology which would single-handedly and completely alter our world as we know it.  Think about it.  FREE.  You don’t have to drill it out of the ground, ship it across the world in huge tankers, which sometimes spill their toxic payloads into our natural coastal areas, fight international wars over it and the pipelines that transport it, store it’s toxic radioactive waste, deal with the suffocating greenhouse gases which are it’s by-products, allow those that cannot pay for it to go without and suffer with no access to energy, pay any electricity bills to some centralized company that makes and meters the energy for you…the reasons go on and on, but the reality is that our world is currently designed to allow those that control these sources of energy to profit greatly from their monopolistic corporate control of energy production.  It may soon be observed that our current technologies are archaic and outdated, but only when one understands what has been kept from us.  I will explain the who, what, how, and why of free energy and why those in power have stolen, suppressed and hidden it from us.

Imagine a shoe box.  In it, there is a whirling perpetual motion gyroscope-like machine which runs on energy which is inherently around us everywhere – torus fields – and once this box is started, it hums along, cranking out plenty of power, like a mini power turbine which never stops and never needs any outside input or fuel to continue running.  This “shoe box” could be connected to an electricity generator which could more than power your home, charge up your vehicle, and provide all the energy necessary that you currently pay a power company to generate for you from far away and which has to be transported to your house via countless copper cables and wires – the power grid.  This torsion energy is around us at a quantum level and is the natural energy by which natural life grows off of.  Flowers blossom, trees grow, animals and humans develop from one stage to another, DNA strands unravel and evolve all by using this inherent “natural” energy,  It is limitless, and it is everywhere in the universe.  This is a suppressed fact.  In science class you are taught that no machine has 100% efficiency.  That no machine can turn 100% of its power input into 100% work.  Because of physical laws such as friction, air resistance, and other factors all machines lose some portion of that input energy.  They tell you that there has never been a machine that can create it’s own energy and that can continue running itself.  In other words, you can’t make a generator that can power itself because the physical laws will not allow it.  The machine would wind down quickly because it cannot turn all the energy you input into an equal energy output.  In contrast, these free-energy “shoe-boxes” do run perpetually, and by utilizing a power field (perhaps known as the “source field”) to run with no other physical power/fuel input.

This video can help you conceptualize what a “torus field” looks like:

You ask, “If this is true, why has this not been revealed? Surely, we would have heard something about this along the way.” Well, at one time, there were scientists who were actively researching this information and they have come up with some startling discoveries.  Scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Marco Rodin, Stan Meyers, and Wilhelm Reich who pioneered “orgone technology.”  Recently an Iranian scientist named Keshe has also released information and plans regarding perpetual energy plasma batteries.  This information can be found on  Nikola Tesla is one of the main ones I would recommend doing more research about.  Supposedly Tesla developed a Tesla generator which not only created power right out of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it also transmitted it to homes or devices that needed it, WITHOUT THE USE OF WIRES TO TRANSMIT IT.  This is where he found his greatest opposition: Although originally one of the main funders of his Tesla tower technology, J.P. Morgan decided to withdraw his funding for Tesla’s project when it was revealed that Tesla’s wireless power transmission would undermine the monopoly that Morgan held at the time in building copper wire electrical lines.  Although Tesla’s technology could be revolutionary, it threatened one of Morgan’s primary investments and so soon after Morgan pulled funding for the project, Tesla was forced to abandon his research.  If power could be transmitted without wires, then how would the electrical companies attach meters to it?  How could they measure and charge customers for their consumption?  As you see, this technology threatened the control over electricity and profits that the current wired and metered system allows for.  Tesla later died penniless, never having fully explored the possibilities of the technology that he helped pioneer.  His research was stolen from his laboratory and suppressed and only recently has there been more of a public outcry for his technologies to be released and revealed to the public.

Profit was the reason that J.P. Morgan did not continue funding Tesla, and profit is the reason why this archaic system continues today.  Who would still be in opposition of free energy?  The energy companies, the oil barons, the gasoline refineries, the coal tycoons, the Saudis – energy, especially oil, is BIG business, and these companies currently control our world through their control and monopolies on energy production.  They stand to lose the most from the release of free energy technology.  Think about how much changes if we release free energy:  You will never have to pay for another electricity bill again. (That’s a nice bonus to your wallet) We won’t need to line up at gas stations to fill our cars with toxic fuels.  We won’t be pumping out the countless tons of greenhouse gases that we previously have been.  How will that clear up our environment, air, and help alleviate some of our global warming concerns (although, I do not personally believe that global warming is caused primarily by human greenhouse gas output, and I have some other great information to reveal about this topic soon)?  We won’t be attempting to start needless Middle Eastern wars to control oil resources and run needless pipelines for the benefit of certain multi-national globalist oil companies.  How many people can be spared from war?  We could supply third-world countries who currently don’t have the resources to provide energy for their populations with a free way to catch up with the rest of the world.  We would be bringing energy to places which have never had access to it.  We could tear down all the ugly electrical poles in your neighborhood.  We could eliminate mass black-outs and power outages.  We could provide limitless energy for space exploration, eliminating the need to launch and carry huge fuel payloads into space.  The possibilities are mind boggling and revolutionary.  Basically, even if all the other technologies that I have heard about and researched are never revealed, this one breakthrough would COMPLETELY CHANGE LIFE ON EARTH.

Consider what I’ve just told you is completely true, and that these plans or schematics for free-energy technologies are real.  It should be obvious from what I’ve told you who has hidden it and why they’ve hidden this technology.  The entire energy industry would be obsolete quickly, and the massive profits and control that they have maintained over our economic and financial world would crumble.  There are invested interests who do not want to see this occur and have done everything in their power to keep it from happening.  Scientists who research these topics or have created prototypes of these kind of devices have often mysteriously disappeared – killed, their plans and research stolen from them, their laboratories burned to the ground in “accidents,” and their technologies buried in confidential corporate filing cabinets never to be revealed again. Obviously, continuing down this same path will inevitably lead us to where we are now – in a world where we seem to be stuck with the systems we currently have.  Most people don’t even realize there’s a whole other way of solving the problems we currently have, and so they don’t question much and simply accept that which they don’t even know could be vastly different.

This information is being passed along more and more, by more and more researchers, whistle-blowers and activists, who themselves, are convinced that this technology cannot be suppressed forever, and that it’s release is integral to a transformation of our world.  Awareness is growing and the energy controllers know that it is a matter of time until it is revealed to the world.  They are scared of this, because it will mean that they will “literally” lose their power, and not be able to continue controlling the world’s population like they currently do.  It marks the end of their control, and the beginning of a whole new life for the world’s population.

It should be noted that even if this technology were released, not everything would be able to change overnight.  In fact, it might not be beneficial to change everything so quickly.  Good people involved in these industries – oil drillers, coal miners, refinery workers, truck drivers, etc, would lose their jobs and that would hurt our world economy at least in the short term as a rush to find jobs for all those displaced might not be possible.  Perhaps a slower tapering into this technology is needed to help us ween our way off of the current system while embracing these new technologies to create a new world.  In that way, the transition would not be so traumatic to our current economic system.  The new systems will create it’s own kind of jobs as well.  Workers will be needed to dismantle the old systems, build the energy “shoe-boxes” and install them in places all around the world.  We would not immediately be able to provide everyone with these devices and the distribution of these systems around the world will still provide plenty of work for many of those same workers displaced by the change to their previous industry.  Regardless of these hurdles, the benefits of this change soon would outnumber the challenges that it presents.

I suggest that if you are interested in this information, you do more research on your own on this matter.  Research any of the scientists which I mentioned in this article to hear more about their discoveries.  There is more and more information appearing on the web daily about this topic as more and more people are becoming aware of just how profound this information is.

Here’s an awesome cartoon/biography of Nikola Tesla’s life.  Although some facts are not completely accurate, it gives you an interesting/funny look at his many accomplishments.

I currently believe that it is becoming more and more difficult for the Powers-that-were to keep this information suppressed.  They know that this and many other things are being revealed at such a quick rate that their time of dominating the human population is quickly coming to an end.  I believe that all of those energy company CEOs and politicians are aware of this inevitable change, and soon there may be an actual public unveiling of a great deal of this secretly held information by figures high up in political power.  Obama may even be getting things ready for a great transition during his final term.  It will still be seen if he will be the great “spiritual” leader that he has been professed to be and if now that his hands are not tied by the specter of his re-election, that he can actually do the great work which so many say he was “destined” to do.  I still hold my reservations, but I have seen positive events occurring.  Some hopeful signs include the restructuring of his cabinet to eliminate certain members which have always been tied to the evil controlling cabal, the recent signing of the Whistleblower Protection Act, his resistance to Israel’s endless pleas to start World War 3*, which is an attempt by the evil cabal and the military/industrial complex to continue their systems of domination. Everything cannot change overnight.  Things will need to be phased in and changed in due time, but I think that a more straight forward and clear revealing of some rather amazing things is not very far in our future, and the world that exists just beyond that unveiling will be vastly different from the “reality” we are entrenched in currently.

A great movie which backs up a lot of the information I have stated to you is “Thrive” – search online – there are free versions, and even if a three hour movie is too much for you, then just watch the first hour if you can – in the first section the concept of free-energy and torsion fields are spoken about in a very easy-to-understand way, and it helps to support what I’ve written about here in this article.  The whole movie is a remarkable eye-opener if you have the time and desire to watch it all.

Imagepicture of a free energy device

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