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Welcome to my new blog page called “Focus the Light.”  The goal of this blog will be to create a forum from which I can share interesting news stories, facts, insights, and developments from a world which will soon be changing from old outdated paradigms, to new exciting ones. Let me explain what I mean further. My belief is that by sharing this information, I will be helping to change the way people think about the world around them. By giving people a different perspective with which to look at the world around them, by giving them new facts, and new solutions, they can change the way they react to the problems or the issues of the day armed with new critical thinking skills. By changing our knee-jerk reactions and assumptions about many issues, we are able to find new solutions and possibilities to the real-world problems at hand. Many people approach our world through a cynical perspective as if there is nothing that can be done to save our human race because the problems seem to be compounding, and how will we ever surmount them? Regardless, they do their best to improve the world everyday, but they find their efforts are but a drop in the bucket of our global collective problem solving, and although they are doing the best they can, they lose hope. There are so many problems, so many hungry people, so much conflict, so many environmental calamities at our doorstep…how will we ever overcome all this in time before something catastrophic happens or we destroy our world, and as a result, ourselves? It could be argued that conflict is what makes the world go round.  Everyday we wake up and strive the best we can to alleviate the suffering for ourselves, our families, and maybe if we’re lucky, for others in our lives like friends.  Hardly anyone has time to worry about another stranger and their problems, but this is because we as people are caught in an illusion, as deep as the metaphor portrayed in the movie, the Matrix, that we are living in a manipulated, controlled world but hardly anyone is awake to this fact. The notion that just one of us could change the flow of that great downhill momentum of negative human decisions and change it’s course is idealistic at best. More likely what you’ll find from people is a belief in our inherently “evil” characteristics of sin, such as greed and that those are the only things that seem to “win out” in the grand scheme of things. “The world is screwed” some people might callously say. We accept that the world is the way it is, because it was set in motion that way many many years before us, and this is simply the destiny we’ve reaped from a long line of bad decisions made before us by others. There is no other way for the world to exist is there?  It’s simply a place where good and evil are intertwined like a necessary duality. You can’t eliminate the evil, you just have to learn to live with it, right? The forces of evil sometimes seem to have more weight than all the good intentions in the world anyway.  But is it meant to be this way, always?  I don’t think so, and I think that the reason the world is in the state it’s in is because many of us have been locked into an illusion of “separation.” “You are you and I am me.  Your problems are yours, and I have too many of my own to worry about you. Please stay out of my way because whatever happens to you has little to no bearing on my life, or our world.” We pass those who need us because we have to run to solve our own problems. Our society is focused in a “service to self” mentality, and few of us have cultivated a genuine “service to others” mentality to try to alleviate or help others.

Which leads me to:  The Law of One, and my own spiritual perspective…

This separation is really an illusion, but it is one that allows us to hurt each other physically and verbally, manipulate others, and ignore the problems of most people around us, all for the shallow purpose of simply alleviating our own problems. This is illusion because we are all tied together at the origin of our souls, to the same oversoul, or source, or God, in an infinite connection of ALL life. Each soul is connected to every other soul, and all of us is another individualized piece of the perfect whole of source, the Creator, God, or whatever you might call it. That soul consciousness lives forever, it can never be destroyed, and travels and changes from one body to another in different lifetimes as it ultimately evolves upward toward unity with the infinite whole throughout MANY lifetimes. The illusion for many is that we believe our bodies have souls inside, but the truth is that your soul has this body right now (subtle, but big difference), and when the time comes to shed this body and take on a new purpose or existence, the soul does just that.  With death comes a familiar heavenly freedom and more infinite perspective on time where we can recoup and get ready for our next step on our infinite path.  We learn that the most important thing is the growth of the soul which is what survives this lifetime, for it is what you keep in the next. This does not have to become a dogmatic/religious point to hammer and prove. You can accept it or create your own interpretation or view, but my point is that an infinite being has a completely different purpose than just acquiring as many pleasurable sensory experiences in life for it’s limited temporal body.  The soul is here to learn something, to accomplish and experience something that could only be experienced by manifesting in a 3-dimensional reality where good and evil opposed each other in such obvious ways throughout so many of our worldly experiences.  This battleground is a great place for spiritual growth.

Another important spiritual concept which develops from this is the concept that you did not simply get stuck in this lifetime by dumb luck or the random chance of biological processes, but that you actually, consciously CHOSE to take on this lifetime before you were conceived as a human baby, and YOU CHOSE the best life that was suited for the type of experience you wanted to have.  You even CHOSE the ideal (notice I didn’t say perfect) parents to give you that opportunity to experience the type of lifetime that you most wanted to live.  This begets the next question which starts to come from this conclusion: “Why the heck, did I choose to manifest into this shithole world/body/situation if it was my CHOICE?”

Haha, great question.

All souls are evolving, and when the soul is in the “between-life” realm we might consider heaven it has very little memory of the difficulty and the toil of actual material existence.  The spirit realm works by very different laws, and when we are there the soul is basking in it’s unity with the greater source, and existence feels timeless and anything feels possible. Our soul feels invincible without a mortal body and believes it can do just about anything!  And it can!  Our soul looks to have an experience of itself in a material realm where it can learn how to evolve further, so it takes on a tough life to help build itself up stronger, or take on a challenge of changing or reforming the world that it steps into.  Material life is hard and wears down that initial exuberance of the soul.  From heaven it seemed like cake, but when I actually became human again, I became aware again of all the suffering that we must endure.  This is the type of experience that the free, young soul goes through when being put back into reality in a body for another lifetime.  It was just free to fly through the cosmos, now it’s locked back into a limited finite material body, or at least that’s the way it seems to us. It takes adjustment, and we forget our original place of soul-origin along the way, problems and difficulties jade our spirits and we become hardened to the spirit journey we all came here to achieve.

The body/life/experience/family you chose to experience was what YOU believed would be the best to help YOU experience what you most desired or needed.  This is almost a fallacy as the soul NEEDS nothing, as it is complete and perfect, being a compartmentalized perfect piece of source/God.  The only thing it seeks is the knowledge and growth brought about through dualistic experience in a world that is not always heaven, but actually has the potential to contain great evil and challenges for the soul. Only by facing those challenges does the soul have a chance to experience the glory of itself.

So, what does all this soul talk have to do with the way we think about the world around us?  Through the troubles of life we’ve learned to forget our soul’s purpose and get bogged down in what might look like a world full of evil and endless strife. Our minds keep us in this prison though, and the world around us manipulates our ideas to keep us locked in cages of thought. Most of us do our best just to earn as much money as we can, to feed ourselves and our families and try to create as many pleasurable experiences as possible. This is the formula the world has told us ever since we’ve been growing up in it.  Work hard, and strive and get a good job and do your best, but most of us work at jobs that don’t fulfill us, doing things we don’t want to do and we don’t believe in, because we have to keep our heads above water, or able to survive another day in this world. Has anyone ever asked why we have to go to work for corporations and people who earn all the profits, and tell us what benefits, salaries, enjoyment we will receive? Is this really the best arrangement, or is it what we’ve come to accept? What if instead of “serving self” and trying to be better than our neighbors we learned to look at the world through “service to other” eyes, that could see the potential of what a world would look like where we work to serve others and improve everyone’s lot in life.  I am not suggesting anything like Communism, or Socialism.  One of the big ideas that I look to shatter that will help people understand what I do mean is the idea of “lack” or “not enough” for everyone.  That there just isn’t enough wealth, money, food, water, or resources to support our entire world and for everyone on this planet to thrive.  This is a FALSE concept.  Overpopulation of our planet is a FALSE concept.  If anything, when I’m done sharing some of the most innovative ideas I have to share, you’ll soon see, that what you’ve been told about the world around you is largely false, and the old paradigms of lack will fall away to the awakening world idea of “abundance for all” and just how possible, not a far-off dream, that concept really is.

I don’t want to polarize the conversation towards right/left/Democrat/Republican/Socialism/Communism ideas in any way, but because of the nature of what I am trying to reveal, I assume my own beliefs and allow those to guide what I share.  I am passionate, excited and I TRULY believe, in a very deep seated genuine way that we are on the threshold of an amazing new reality for our world.  It’s almost a “Horton Hears a Who” Moment in which, like the Dr. Seuss story, we want to get as many other people excited about these ideas as possible, so that they shout the new possibilities from the rooftops and get this hopeful message out to as many people as possible.  The more noise we make, the less power they will have to control/manipulate your mind, and the more chance we have at toppling the old empires to make way for the world we all actually want to live in.

Every week I hope to present a new topic of information based on positive news stories and information that reveal a new way to view the world around you and get out from the entrenched and established ideas that keep you in mental slavery and that have allowed those who would to control you for their own benefit.

“Free yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley


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